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 Gryffindor Rules

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Master of Curses
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PostSubject: Gryffindor Rules   Gryffindor Rules EmptyMon Aug 25, 2008 9:37 pm

1. No advertising or promotion other forums or website in this house. All promotional ads will be deleted. IF you would like to promote something, please post it in the free promotion area. The free promotion rules can be found here.

2. Follow the forum rules at all time, no exceptions. Forum Rules.

For the most part, Forum houses are seen as a sub domains. You may post anything, even if it's a duplicate thread from another forums area. Try to keep spam threads a low and remember to have fun. I'm not a strict person, all I ask is for you to follow the rules, respect me, respect your house members, and above all else respect yourself.

Please Roleplay in all the Forum houses or else I may have to delete them.

Thank you,


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Gryffindor Rules
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