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 Official Rules of Roleplaying

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Official Rules of Roleplaying Empty
PostSubject: Official Rules of Roleplaying   Official Rules of Roleplaying EmptySun Dec 02, 2007 6:01 pm

These are the General Rules of Roleplaying, even though they might change where I'll put it in the Announcements forum:

1. First thing you do is post your profile.
2. Make sure you do not have a cussing, violent, or sexual signature or avatar.
3. Please do not change your roleplaying name to somebody else's unless you have any permission from a mod, a prefect, or the admin
4. Do not double post!
5. If there is a topic you made you must not make another one. For e.p. you make a thread called "Divination Class". Do not make another one that adds, "Divination Class the Day After". Just put the posts in your same thread.

Dueling RP Rules:

1 vs. 1
1 on 1 dueling works in a turn system. The first person to strike has his/her and then the second has his or her turn. It's very simple.

2 on 2 or more
Now 2 on 2 gets a bit more complicated. Of course, you know that everybody has their turn. Team 1 has a turn, then Team 2 has a turn and so on.

*If you break any of these rules, you have to edit your post or you will have to forfeit the match.

1. When you have a spell flying at you, it only takes two seconds.

2.Don't dodge too often!

3. Don't usually god-mod.

4. Protego can only fend off one spell!

5. Only use 2 spells at a time!

6. You can make up one or two spells, but don't make up much!

7. If your opponent shouts a spell at you, it's him/her to decide if it hits you ((but, don't always say it hits him, just do two or three misses and then you can start hitting two or three times miss two times etc.))

Anybody can give ideas to mods, to the admin (me), and prefects and prefects, mods, just pm me and send the idea to me
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Official Rules of Roleplaying
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